Tachograph LTD. is the distributer of Stoneridge Electronics in Israel. We are using our company named Hamachvan LTD. to install and repair all types of Tachographs such as 8400 & 2400 by
Soneridge Electronics , 1318, 1319 & 1324 by Siemens-VDO, EGK100 by Motometer


Many of our tachographs are fitted in many trucks, such as the 8400 tachograph
We fit the friendly 2400 tachograph for any car as stand alone or as a replacing for the new Digital
Tachograph. The 2400 works with any type of sender. is a huge advantage and will save you a lot
of money
.  You can see here some examples
 The 2400 in a Peugeot Boxer                                        The 2400 in Isuzu Sumo truck

The 2400 installation in International truck

the 2400 tachograph can work with any type of sender

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