Hamachvan ltd is selling Diagnostic tools.
We are distributer of
Stoneridge Electronic
- the leading Tachograph company (for
Anaolog & Digital tachographs), and represent
Autocom Diagnostic Partner AB Sweden in Israel

+Digital & Analog Tachograph programmer                         
Autocom CDP
Using Autocom tools :
You can DIAG Cars and Trucks from your Lab/Office/Pocket PC as the Autocom tools are
using Bluetooth All vehicles are using same menu. All very friendly and use same
menus. Anyone can easily use it without any special skills
MAF Sensor Graph from Volvo S60 - 2008

screen shot from the vehicle

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Using Stoneridge electronics programmer :
The MH2 programmer is suit for Digital & Analog programmer. Is the most friendly tool
in the market. It works on Stoneridge, Siemens-VDO & Actia tachograph You can
Read/Erase DTCs, calibrate your tachograph, check the K-Factor of your vehicle and many many more

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